March 12, 2021

Joomla Vs WordPress Comparison

Joomla Vs WordPress

Joomla Vs WordPress

Today, we will be exploring content management systems (CMS). Joomla vs WordPress springs to mind.

Joomla ! is a free and open source content management system developed and supported by an overwhelmingly supportive community of developers around the world.

However, it's not as popular as the head honcho cms platform (i.e. WordPress) but on paper, you can make the counter-argument that Joomla is just as powerful and we're going to tackle this in our cms comparison by facing Joomla vs wordpress. There's a lot to look into when running a cms comparison, and we're going to help give you some further insight so you can make your own decision by the end of reading this cms comparison between joomla vs WordPress!

What started as blogging software has become the world's largest content management system . Say hello to WordPress! it is free . WordPress is open source . It is for blogging. WordPress for site-building. It is for online stores. WordPress can be used for anything and over time, has become much more than just a standard content management system!

In this post, we're going to discuss Joomla vs WordPress across areas such as Search Engine Optimization, ease-of-use, eCommerce capabilities, general business websites, and overall performance. Who really is the king/queen of open source cms platforms? Who is the best open source CMS? We're going to explain, compare and hopefully give you a clear understanding of which is the top open source cms platform.

Joomla vs WordPress Search Engine Optimization comparison - Who's the winner?

From a search engine optimization perspective for Joomla vs WordPress , both platforms come fully equipped with a number of SEO extensions. Essentially, think of a plugin as an additional bolt being added to your website to extend and improve its existing functionality with a specific feature - in this instance search engine optimization. Both Joomla, and WordPress provide their own free and premium plugins, which all help the management of your site. For Joomla, they are called a "Joomla Extension" and for WordPress, they are known as a "WordPress plugin" with both free plugins and paid plugins.

The best extensions for WordPress and Joomla

You can check out our best extensions for Joomla and for WordPress.

Using a WordPress Plugin such as Rank Math or All in One Pack make search engine optimization easy in WordPress.

Usability - Is WordPress or Joomla easier to manage?

When comparing the learning curve for a Joomla site is certainly a challenge when compared to WordPress. Just to make it clear before we get backlash from the Joomla community - Joomla is easy to use. However, in our own opinion, it does require a lot more effort for someone new to the CMS.

Compared to WordPress that comes with an easy and intuitive user-interface making it easy for a non-techie to quickly pick up. Technical experience is not necessary, it's simple to get a WordPress site up and running.

It's also easy to copy and paste text from MS Word documents to a WordPress site than it is in a Joomla site .

WordPress vs Joomla eCommerce Capabilities?

If you're looking to set-up and start selling products on your website , or blog, you'll come to appreciate WordPress a lot more. Get to know the popular plugin WooCommerce which is a free plugin for WordPress with over... 3 million active installations!

It will make your life easier when deciding to turn on eCommerce on your WordPress site or blog.

That being said, Joomla can also have the capabilities to be used for eCommerce but it is not for the small business owner. Nevertheless, it's a great platform for a huge database-derived Joomla website with tons of content. It can be daunting for the small business owner who wants to create a quick web store.

However, Joomla has some great plugins for eCommerce. It allows you to manage your products and content all in one place.

Plan ahead and do your research before committing to which platform to pick, decide what is going to give you the best edge.

Is Joomla or WordPress a better CMS platform for a Business Website?

Looking at Joomla vs WordPress from a business perspective, Joomla is more suited for complex and versatile web applications. In a quick summary, those that require more complexity with how data is managed.

Therefore, you need to take a closer look at Joomla if your business has such needs. If you're looking to build a platform of sites or online stores, then there is a lot more to consider when using Joomla as your CMS.

If you're looking to build simple websites, blogs, or news sites that you can easily manage then given the situation, WordPress will be your go-to CMS.

Stringing on the fact that there is a large number of available plugins, it makes it easy to expand and increase your site's capabilities over time.

Is Joomla or WordPress the faster CMS?

When it comes to the performance side of Joomla vs WordPress . There are several factors that you need to take into consideration with any WordPress platform or Joomla platform .

In the first place, we can all agree if things are not configured correctly from the start, performance is going to be affected. It's good to have the right hosting plan that will not restrict you from delivery of great performance from your Joomla installation or WordPress . Feel free to check out our WordPress and Cloud hosting plans.

There are just two basic examples but there are so many customization options out there that can hinder the performance of a WordPress vs Joomla installation .

This being said, we must state that one of the cool features of WordPress is the support and large community behind it. There are so many developers that have put time and effort into developing solid plugins and extensions that give WordPress better performance.

Popular plugins such as W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache, and Varnish come to mind. Likewise with Joomla , if you look at the Joomla extension ecosystem you will find a vast number of extensions aimed to improve performance.

Regardless of the platform , you decide to pick, when it comes to performance it's worth taking note that if your running WordPress or Joomla the most important aspect of keeping your website or blog running at optimal performance is to ensure you actively maintain and update your website /blog.

Overall, who is the winner out of our Joomla vs WordPress CMS Comparison?

With everything that has been said about both platforms, they have been tested and proven a reliable cms platform. As such, they can get the job done. It all depends on the application and implementation. Do your homework, spend a bit of time playing with both of them before making your decision.