High-Peformance Agency Hosting

Ultra-reliable UK Agency Hosting 

Scalable, fast and ultra-reliable, we provide agencies and designers with the hosting solutions they need to grow.
Scalable solutions & ultra-reliable infrastructure
Expert 24/7 UK based hosting support
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Bespoke solutions catered to your agency

Manage multiple websites with our fully white label hosting plans using WHM, built for Agencies and prioritising speed for SEO scores.
FREE Instant Migration
30 day money back guarantee
Ultra-reliable Infrastructure
Stepping Up



Gain speed, reliability, and support as you grow your freelance business.
Also comes with
10 Sites
30GB NVME Storage
Active Site Monitoring
Freelance plans include:
Ultra-performance & SEO boost
On demand security protection
NVME - 25x Faster than SSD
4x Daily Backups
1-click staging
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Growth Agency


Grow your agency with high-performing sites & SERP topping load times.
Also comes with
25 Sites
100GB NVME Storage
Active Site Monitoring
Includes all Freelancer plus:
Ultra-performance & SEO boost
Curated to allow your agency to grow
NVME - 25x Faster than SSD
4x Daily Backups
1-click staging
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Most Powerful

Scale Agency


Ultra-performance plans designed to increase page speed & SEO.
Also comes with
50 Sites
250GB NVME Storage
Active Site Monitoring
Includes all Growth plus:
Ultra-performance & SEO boost
On demand security protection
NVME - 25x Faster than SSD
4x Daily Backups
1-click staging
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Enteprise solutions designed for high-availability, with advanced security and dedicated solutions.
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100% Green Web Hosting Provider

100% Carbon Negative
Green Energy
Eco-Aware Staff Members
Being Eco-friendly hosting is something that we're very passionate about at Snappy Host. We've partnered with More Trees, to offset our Carbon Emissions. We believe that web hosting can make a difference in the world, and we're committed to doing our part to make the world a greener place.

This is just one of the ways we're working to make a difference.

Improve your Websites Performance & SEO

Our network has been designed from the ground up to be highly performant, using the fastest NVME drives and AMD EPYC processors. Our network ensures fast and secure data transfers with reduced load times.
Give your business the best chance with top quality speeds and SEO.
LiteSpeed Server & Caching
Premium NVME SSD and LiteSpeed Servers enhances the speed of your website and boosts your SEO.
Isolated cPanel Accounts
Every site is containerised and powered by 4GB DDR4 RAM & NVME SSD. VPS speeds, but for less.
4x Daily Website Backups
Automated offsite backups are taken four times a day, ensuring your Agencies data is safe & secure.
24/7 Expert UK based support
Our experts are ready to support you when you need us. We deliver results and always work hard to implement effective solutions at any given time.

Hosting and scaling your agency doesn't have to be difficult. 

With the right tools and resources, you can easily manage your agency's growth.
Unlimited Staging Environments
Running an agency means lots of websites.  Our one-click staging tool makes it easy to push new designs and fresh appearances live from your staging site.
Malware scanner & Detections
We adopt a proactive approach to security with daily malware scanning and off-site backups up to four times a day. We ensure your business remains safe and your data secure
Scalable with High Availability
Our platform is designed to scale with your business, whether you have 5 accounts or 500, our plans are scalable to meet your business requirements.
Active Site Monitoring
We constantly monitor your site for problems and security breaches. We have eyes everywhere which means nothing will get past us, and if it does, we’re always ready to put it right.

Our Optimised Agency  Hosting 

Our Agency platform has been specifically designed and optimised to deliver outstanding results. Your sites will be powered by NVME SSD's & AMD EPYC processors for optimal performance and backed up 4x daily as standard.  Our 24/7 UK support team will do all the heavy-lifting, so you can stay focused on scaling your agency.
99.99% Uptime Guarantee
Keep your site up and running to maximise visibility and trust from your userbase.
UK Based Datacentre
100% of your data is securely stored in our state-of-the-art tier 3 Datacentre here in the UK.
Free Site Migrations
We’ve got a team of migration experts ready and waiting. Let us deal with the entire process, ensuring we test and set up everything that is required all of which is done with no downtime. That’s Snappy!
All our ageny instances are deployed with the fastest NVME SSD drives to provide maxiumum performance.
The UK's Best web host.
Get started with the UK's fastest Web host. We invest to make sure your website is running at lightning fast speeds. Don't settle for subpar features - we provide NVME storage on EPYC hardware for maximum performance, daily backups, and excellent UK based support for a fraction of competitors.
Expert 24/7 UK based hosting support
Unlimited Free SSL certifcates
Unlimited FREE migrations
DDOS Protection
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Why your sites are faster on Snappy Host

Faster Web Page Delivery
We ensure your website loads quickly for your visitors by keeping the Time to First Byte (TTFB) low, minimizing network latency, and rendering in the browser light.
Enhanced Core Web Vitals
Our hosting improves your site's Core Web Vitals. Snappy's hosting lowers FCP and LCP scores, as well as page load time and total page size. We improve these metrics by optimising database queries, PHP requests, and server-level caching using LiteSpeed.
Active Site Monitoring
Our support staff are on call 24/7 monitoring your sites, we'll even fix them before you're even aware. We've developed a  state of the art custom site Monitoring software which will notify our team with any issues. 
Key Features
Technical Features
Unlimited Emails
Create and host as many mailboxes as you like on your web hosting plan with generous 10GB mailbox limits as standard.
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
We know what we can do, we’ve seen it before but we want you to believe in us, so we offer our 60-day money-back guarantee. We’re confident you won’t need it.
Unlimited Free SSL's
With unlimited, free SSL's, you can give your clients the confidence and security they need to make sure all payments and data is handled without risk.
Unlimited Bandwidth
With Unlimited-bandwidth, you don't have to worry about losing potential sales from arbitrary and unnecessary limits set by your host.
LiteSpeed Server
Exceptional speed using our custom LiteSpeed/LiteMage stack. Optimised for WordPress, Magento and Ecommerece.
Malware Detection
Neutralise malicious attempts and keep your website secure with daily malware scanning and up to 4x daily offsite backups.
WAF Firewall
Apache mod_security
Free 256 Bit SSL Certificates
Restrict access by IP
Hotlink/Leech protection
Two-Factor Authentication (TFA/2FA)
CageFS Security
Daily Malware Scanning
Tier 3 Datacentre
NVMe SSD Storage
EPYC processors
SFTP access
Datacentre DDoS protection
Latest stable cPanel
Softaculous (200+ apps)
PHP 4.4 - PHP 8
FTP Lockdown
Multiple backups daily
Litespeed caching

Built for traffic & Performance

Our platform has been designed to drive the best results for handling heavy traffic whilst maintaining site performance
State of the Art Hardware
We use a combination of the latest hardware from the latest EPYC processors to guarantee (HPC) high performance computing to handle your application, nVME for storage utilization guaranteeing the best I/O speeds, and 64 GB of dedicated memory.
Website uptime is one of the most crucial metrics to monitor your website, especially if you’re generating revenue. Therefore, we guarantee 99.9% uptime and use internal monitoring tools to ensure the success of your website.
Safe and Secure
You can’t leave your website open to vulnerabilities. With Snappy Host we will ensure the integrity of your website. As standard we issue free SSL certificates and use the latest technologies to constantly scan your code for any malicious patterns and deploy the best techniques on our main firewall.

The Agency Platform That Help Agencies Thrive

With the right infastructure and resources, you can easily manage your agency's growt to ensure viability and scalability in an ever-so performant reliant industry.
24/7 UK Support
We have dedicated 24/7 support that will do all the heavy lifiting. Our team can assist with migrations, core site issues and any other general queries you may have!
CLI & Terminal
Instant access whenever. Wherever. Remote access ensures you can access everything that matters, allowing you to keep your finger on the puls and keep your Hosting ticking.
Our platform is designed to scale with your business, whether you have 5 accounts or 500, our plans are scalable to meet your business requirements.
Active Site Monitoring
We constantly monitor your site for problems and security breaches. We have eyes everywhere which means nothing will get past us, and if it does, we’re always ready to put it right.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our philosophy is simple; the web should be for the many not the few, which is why every Snappy Host product is designed to suit everyone's needs from personal sites to small businesses, design agencies and eCommerce.
What is Agency hosting?
Our Agency hosting plans are specifically created to fit the needs of designer agencies. This starts with a prioritization on speed and responsiveness for a great user experience, and high SEO scores.

This makes Agency a great plan for sites of all sizes. 
Why choose Agency hosting?
With the Extra LVE limits and resources assigned to an Agency plan, you can make sure  that your clients get the best performance out there, with great SEO scores as a result. The plans are also made to be affordable despite the high resources, giving room for small Agencies to get started and keep growing.
Is there a limit to the sites I can have on agency?

For performance and security reasons, we limit the number of sites on each account to one. This makes sure that you're site is running at peak performance, and prevents any risk of compromised plugins and sites affecting each other via containerization.

What LVE limits do I get, and why do they matter?
When selecting a web host, you want to ensure you pick the right one. With hundreds of hosts to choose from, it's sometimes hard to make the right choice.

The choice of your managed web hosting provider has a significant weight on the success of your online business.

You can take many processes to speed up your site, such as keeping software up-to-date and using minimal plugins.

The most significant gains are all made from your website host. Our servers all use LiteSpeed caching, producing lightning-fast load times and providing a free WordPress and Magento caching plugin.

Independent tests have shown that choosing fast host benefits the following:

Higher SERP rankings and better SEO performance
Dramatically reduces page bounce rates
Helps boosts conversions
75% of users visit sites first on their mobile, you need to make sure your site is optimised for mobile devices. Otherwise, you may lose potential customers.

When looking at the fastest hosts, your choice becomes limited. At Snappy Host, our premium hosting plans provide up to 6GB RAM per account, while other hosts cap their RAM at 512MB! Fast hosting with Snappy Host is exactly that. Fast.

To maximise and benefit from the fastest load times, choose SnappyHost, the fastest hosting service in the UK.
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