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WordPress Starter

Perfect for WordPress beginners
Billed monthly
3 Months for £1
1 Website
40GB SSD Storage
Twice Daily Backups
60 Day Money Back
Also Comes With...
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited Mailboxes
FREE SSL Certifcates
FREE Site Migrations
Staging Sites
Daily Malware Scanning
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WordPress Professional

WordPress Agencies and professionals
Billed monthly
3 Months for £1
3 Website
100GB SSD Storage
Twice Daily Backups
60 Day Money Back
Also Comes With...
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited Mailboxes
Free SSL Certificates
FREE Site Migrations
Staging Sites
Daily Malware Scanning
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E-Commerce Hosting

Solution for enterprises
Billed monthly
3 Months for £1
5 Website
Unlimited SSD Storage
Twice Daily Backups
60 Day Money Back
Also Comes With...
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited Mailboxes
Free SSL Certificates
FREE Site Migrations
Staging Sites
Daily Malware Scanning
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Agency Web Hosting

Getting started is easy. Speak to one of our team members for help.

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Best managed WordPress hosting features as standard

Unlimited Emails

Create and host as many mailboxes as you like on your WordPress Web hosting plan with generous 10GB mailbox limits as standard.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

We know what we can do, we’ve seen it before but we want you to believe in us, so we offer our 60-day money-back guarantee. We’re confident you won’t need it.

Unlimited Free SSL's

Our SnappyHost support team are there to help you with your WordPress concerns and queries every day, with 24/7 support.

Unlimited Bandwidth

We understand that your business needs space to grow so that’s what we give you. No bandwidth restrictions, just fast WordPress hosting that you and your visitors can rely on.

LiteSpeed Server

Exceptional speed using our custom LiteSpeed server stack. Optimised for WordPress and Woocommerece. Powerful performance.

Malware Detection

Nerutrislise malicious attempts and keep your WordPress hosting secure with daily malware scanning and up to 4x daily offsite backups.

The fastest Wordpress hosting in the UK. Feature Rich - Expect Nothing Less.

We make sure that we provide a host of features that set us apart. From fast WordPress hosting to accessibility and flexibility - it’s what every client deserves.

LiteSpeed WordPress Plugin

We utilise the latest and fastest WordPress caching technologies on our WordPress web hosting platform. By using our LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress this will result in optimal performance and speeds across your entire site.

Green Managed WordPress Hosting

Host your site knowing you're using a web hosting provider who cares about the environment. Snappy Host reduces the environmental impact of our cloud and WordPress computing through innovative renewable energy programs.

Free Website Backups

We provide totally free website backups, completely off-site so you know you're protected. Don't worry about losing access to your files.

Fully Managed WordPress Hosting Provider

Want a hands-off approach? Let us take care of your WordPress installation and upgrades, security updates and all other elements that help your website to run smoothly. It's time to leave it to the experts!

UK WordPress Host Support

Problems happen but it's how you react that matters and we make sure that we are there for you. With expert support around the clock, we'll be there when you need a WordPress Expert.

WordPress Staging Sites

Fancy a change and want to do it without risk? We provide site staging that allows you to achieve the look you want without impacting your current WordPress website.

Fully Optimised for WordPress Web Hosting

Whether it’s our support team or our servers, we’re focused on delivering fast WordPress hosting that ticks every box and delivers complete satisfaction.

WooCommerce Ready

Our LiteSpeed for WordPress plugin easily squashes the size of your WooCommerece site, and deliveries at blisteringly fast speeds. No lag time, no slow loading times, just satisfied users!

Fastest Managed WordPress Hosting Migrations

We’ve got a team of migration experts ready and waiting. Let us deal with the entire process, ensuring we test and set up everything that is required all of which is done with no downtime. That’s Snappy!

Preview And Finish

Through your Snappy Host Panel, you can request a Migration. Inform us of the plan you want to be moved onto and then provide us with the details. We’ll take it from here!

Request The Migration

Our experts will begin the process, ensuring we cover every aspect to create a simple migration experience. It’s a simple approach but one that we know works every time.

Preview And Finish

Where possible, we will always keep you in the loop by providing a preview link to the test site. Once you’re happy, we’re happy which means we’ll complete the migration, update the domain and tie up the loose ends.

Fastest wordpress hosting

Streamline New Designs With WordPress Web Hosting Staging

New WordPress designs and fresh appearances are part and parcel of owning a business and a website. If you're looking for a change then our Snappy Host staging tools allow you to clone your site and move it over to a subdomain, leaving you free to get creative

With the freedom to make changes, you can give your website a completely new look without impacting your current website. It's sleek, simple and something that we think is an important part of any website design hosting service.

LiteSpeed Lightning Fast Managed WordPress Hosting!

The speed of your website is crucial. Nobody appreciates a website that loads at a snail's pace so we utilise LiteSpeed servers as part of our fast WordPress hosting. This means that you will benefit from a website that's responsible, reactive and highly accessible. Everything your visitors need will be delivered in the blink of an eye.

fast wordpress hosting

The Fastest WordPress hosting secure From Top to Bottom

However you look at it, security is an integral part of owning a website which makes it a crucial part of managed WordPress hosting. We make sure we take care of your wordpress site security by utilising all the tools we have at our disposal.

Multilayer Security

With multilayered protective systems, we make sure that your WordPress website is protected from every angle.

Free SSL Certificates

Peace of mind and confidence. SSL Certificates will not only protect your site but give your visitors confidence in the decisions they make on your WordPress Website.

Daily Backups

Daily backups make sure that your data is safe should any problems arise. If problems do occur, we’re on hand to put everything right again.

The Best WordPress Hosting Tools That Help Agencies Thrive

Create WordPress staging websites

Let your creative juices flow with WordPress staging. It's a no-fuss approach to creating a new look without impacting the look and performance of your current WordPress website.

Access Remotely

Instant access whenever. Wherever. Remote access ensures you can access everything that matters, allowing you to keep your finger on the pulse and keep your WordPress Hosting ticking.

WP CLI Tools

Full control over your hosting, with updates and installation configurations, can be achieved via SSH using WP-CLI, available for all WordPress hosting plans.

cPanel WordPress Hosting With Future Proof  Technologies

You won’t find yourself on end of life systems in five years’ time, or being put through confusing server migrations and nameserver changes as the platform is improved and uses the most advanced technologies available.

All our WordPress hosting plans come with the intuitive cPanel™ control panel. cPanel gives you control of your site, mail and DNS from an easy-to-use dashboard.

managed wordpress hosting

UK WordPress hosting with fast performance for less

Get hosted with the UK's fastest WordPress hosts. We invest to make sure your website is running at lightning fast speeds. Don't settle for subpar features - we provide NVME storage, daily backups, and excellent UK based support for a fraction of competitors.

Powerful WordPress Performance

Choose a WordPress hosting package in confidence, knowing your site will be utilsiing the latest and fastest hardware. We care about speeds, and you should too.

NVME SSD Storage

Choose one of our premium hosting packages and benefit from the fastest storage available. NVME storage makes your wordpress web hosting 10x faster than SSD.

WordPress Optimised Hosting 

Our custom WordPress hosting packages all utilise the latest features such as one-click staging, Litespeed caching to produce rapid results.

Join the revolution today.  We make WordPress Web Hosting fast.

We understand how slow loading times are detrimental for your site, and your visitors. When you're paying for a service, you don't expect to receive bad customer service or excuses. Finding the right hosting package can be a huge hurdle, which comparing all the different hosting companies available.

Here at Snappy Host, we make sure your sites are running on the fastest WordPress platform available. We invest in our cloud hosting
platform, and utilise the latest hardware.

It's our job to make sure your WordPress site keeps ticking.

Join our WordPress hosting plan, and see the speed for yourself, we provide a 60-day money-back guarantee.

cloud hosting

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wordpress?

WordPress is the planet's most used open-source content management solution. Whether you are a newcomer or a seasoned expert in running a website, WordPress makes it easy for you to create, edit and manage all your sites. WordPress was made by and is maintained by a specialist group of global developers. Since launching in 2003, WordPress has to be built upon, tweaked, and enhanced in an attempt to provide its user base with the very best usability and website functionality.

This is merely one reason why WordPress is a top choice among companies, eCommerce sites, and hobbyists alike to power their site. The most important thing is that WordPress has endless plugins, providing all the tools you will require to assist you in accomplishing your objectives!

What is Managed Wordpress hosting?

In the purest sense, Managed WordPress hosting is a service that has been optimised to operate WordPress. The hosting service will come with extra features to help you get the most out of your WordPress hosting. Generally, the service comes with one-click-installs, which means that you can instantly set up WordPress on your website or automatic updates into the WordPress core and backups. 

If you ever get stuck, our team of specialists are available to give assistance through your WordPress hosting service.

Snappy Host supplies all the tools you'd need to run and power on your WordPress websites. Our servers are built for speed, and we supply the quickest managed wordpress hosting in the UK.

Why should I choose the Fastest WordPress Hosting Provider?

When selecting a web host, you want to ensure you pick the right one. With hundreds of hosts to choose from, it's sometimes hard to make the right choice. 

The choice of your managed web hosting provider has a significant weight on the success of your online business.

You can take many processes to speed up your site, such as keeping software up-to-date and using minimal plugins.

The most significant gains are all made from your website host. Our servers all use LiteSpeed caching, producing lightning-fast load times and providing a free WordPress caching plugin.

Independent tests have shown that choosing fast host benefits the following:

  • Higher SERP rankings and better SEO performance
  • Dramatically reduces page bounce rates
  • Helps boosts conversions

75% of users visit sites first on their mobile, you need to make sure your site is optimised for mobile devices. Otherwise, you may lose potential customers. 

When looking at the fastest wordpress hosts, your choice becomes limited. At Snappy Host, our premium hosting plans provide 4GB RAM per account, while other hosts cap their RAM at 512MB!  Fast hosting with Snappy Host is exactly that. Fast.

To maximise and benefit from the fastest load times, choose Snappy Host, the fastest managed WordPress hosting service in the UK. 

How do I customise my WordPress site?

Once you've purchased a plan and set up a domain, our system will automatically install WordPress. You'll then just use the login details you used, and from there, you can customise your site using the default theme.

You can use a page builder such as Elementor, Divi, or Gutenberg if you'd like. You can even choose Oxygen, which is a much more developer-centered builder for those of you who are seasoned at design and understand CSS/JS.

The most efficient way to start building the site would be to use Gutenberg and install a theme from their repository.

The good thing about WordPress is the sheer number of guides available online.

Snappy Host also provide an onboarding process, where our support team will help guide you through the setting up of the Fastest Managed WordPress site you've ever had!

Which WordPress Hosting service should I choose?

For New WordPress sites, or those of you with lots of smaller sites, our flex shared hosting solutions would be ideal. The Flex plan comes with two cores and 2GB RAM and is still blazingly fast than other providers.

If you need extra performance, then our premium WordPress hosting plans would be perfect. These provide 4GB RAM and two cores, which powers the most hungry of sites. These are designed to replace the need to host sites on a VPS, as we provide all the same benefits, but for way less.

Why Shouldn't I use Free WordPress Hosting?

Free hosting is free for a reason. We all love free stuff, that's for sure. However, when it comes to your business, hobby, or interests online, a free hosting service isn't something you should jump into; we'll explain why.

Even hosts who advertise the "Best free hosting services" incorporate ads, offer no support, and use out-of-date hardware. These will all have adverse effects on your business.

Free hosting providers will require advertising banners, attribution links, or consistently bombarding emails to upsell hosting plans or features.

With limited support, if your website has issues or downtime, you'll have limited advice and guidance from the free hosting support team. Most free hosting providers don't even offer support.

It makes sense to invest in a reliable WordPress host who provides a fully managed solution with an expert support team. This is where Snappy Host can help.

How to use WordPress?

Around 20 million websites globally all use WordPress as their base. 1 in 4 websites you visit will be WordPress. Those numbers are just too significant to ignore.

The WordPress ecosystem is continually evolving and constantly adapting. Many website owners, designers, or developers look towards WordPress to host their sites.

If you're still unsure or are keen to see some more statistics to think about:

  • Large active community
  • Easy setup process and installation
  • User-friendly interface, and no need to learn how to code.
  • You own your site, and you have full control over everything.
  •  A wide selection of themes, plugins, and widgets (All of which help build the site of your dreams)

There are comprehensive guides and resources for WordPress, and Snappy Host is a proactive WordPress provider who is happy to help answer any queries or support you may need.

What is WordPress used for?

WordPress Hosting from Snappy Host is fast, versatile, and provides immense freedom to build any site you desire. Over 34% of websites on the internet are powered by WordPress. These figures show how much multi-purposeful a managed WordPress hosting solution really is.

Whether you are thinking about creating a brochure website or a digital portfolio, the WordPress platform can provide the assets. WordPress also has a plugin called "Woocommerce," which allows you to easily and quickly set up an eCommerce store.

Our WordPress hosting packages have been designed to provide Woocommerce sites and larger sites the resources they need to achieve the fastest load times.

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