November 10, 2020

The top WordPress plugins you should be using as a freelancer

When creating a WordPress site, some traits are actually merely far better off being delegated to a plugin to handle. From appointment booking plugins to multilingual plugins. We will check and make sure to offer the best suggestions and provide you with a helping hand when designing, and undertaking your next project.

Take a look at these 7 WordPress plugins which could very seriously aid your WordPress website-building and improve your workflow.


Your website needs to be quality controlled and screened. Your site needs to be fully compatible across a range of devices, browsers, and working units. Lambdatest provides a well-needed error reporting platform, by allowing you to take full-page screenshots, and avoid any end-user issues which may occur on various platforms.

The top WordPress plugins you should be using as a freelancer 8


Your site's security is paramount to securing not only your site content but also your WordPress customers. WordFence allows you to manage your security from within your dashboard and gives you an overview of your site security, as well as email notifications. WordFence provides both malware scanning, firewalls, and to run audit tests on your WordPress site.

At we already provide firewalls, malware scanning and daily backups, so you're secured from a server level. WordFence provides you with an extra layer of security, as well as being able to micromanage your WordPress security.


WP reset

Reinstalling WordPress from scratch is a thing of the past. You can set your WordPress site to reset from nothing, or set it to install your set plugins and themes from the get go. This saves you heaps of time needing to install plugins, this will reset your account, and install them for you.

A fresh install, with everything you need (Or as little as you don't need)!


Query Monitor

We appreciate you may not know how to fully debug your site, and you don't want to trawl through thousands of database lines or run SSH commands in terminal to see what's happening.

Query Monitor is a debugging tool built for WordPress, which allows you to debug errors directly from your WordPress dashboard.

You can debug things like:

HTTP API contacts
PHP errors and issues
AJAX contacts
Hooks as well as events
Data bank inquiries
HTTP API contacts
REST API calls
Multilingual interpretation plugins
Consumer ability examinations


TranslatePress - Become multilingual easy

If your website and business are stuck just in the U.K, then you're missing out on a huge global audience reach. It's not easy translating your site.

Translate press, allows you to translate your whole site to different audiences, and target customers across the globe. It's your swiss army knife of converting your site, allowing it displays the language needed by the end audience.



Are you partnering with your clients to build an instructional based website for pupils to learn from?

LifterLMS is a fully-fledged custom made learning system which will allow you to build custom video guides and courses. These courses can include quizzes, paid subscriptions, and a full project release with full control.

This allows you to create what would be a site in the realm of £10,000 for the price of the plugin, and some work without needing to touch one line of code.

LifterLMS basically deals with everything you would need an understanding control system to possess.


Appointment booking system - Bookly/Amelia

Are your clients still using a pen and paper to track your appointments and schedules? There are a plethora of WordPress plugins available to manage your bookings from start to finish; Payments, user dashboard, management, admin control panel and more.

You should definitely bear in mind both Bookly Pro and Amelia for any booking based site developments you may need to do. These are both excellent choices when it comes to this website scope, and they're fully customisable and mobile responsive out the box.


To summarise, WordPress is an excellent tool to speed up your workflow, and the plugins above are just a drop in the ocean as to the possibilities available for you as a designer/developer!

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