February 20, 2021

Best page builders for WordPress 2021

Are you on the look for the best page builder in WordPress to streamline development and improve user conversions?

It's not good enough just having a website anymore. Nowadays, you need to have the best-looking website online.

If you're not familiar with development practices with WordPress and don't have the budget to hire a developer, then what do you do to make a professional-looking website? Well, you're in luck! This is where WordPress page builders come into play.

We will be discussing the most popular page builders to help you design and publish your website pages with no coding background. You can literally build your WordPress site within minutes and save tons of time in the process too.

Why use a WordPress page builder in the first place?

WordPress drag and drop builders allow you free reign over the design of your layouts for your site, you can create ready-made content blocks, modules, and even your own widgets. You can create the perfect WordPress site with literally no technical background.

There is a common misconception where page builders are aimed at beginners.

Page builders can also help experience developers churn out more work for their customers, by speeding up the entire design process. The piece to the puzzle is finding the right WordPress page builder for you.

There are a few important features that you should look for within a WP page builder:

  • Theme Compatibility: If you choose to go down the route of editing an existing WordPress site, you will need to make sure that the page builder you choose is compatible with your existing theme.
  • Page Responsiveness: Web responsive development is crucial for any page builder. Creating beautiful WordPress sites in Desktop but restricting the responsiveness of your site on mobile devices, will more than likely result in low conversions.
  • SEO Ready: Most of the page builders we will be discussing will be 100% SEO friendly when paired with the Yoast SEO plugin.
  • Feature Rich: It's best not to initially get caught up in all of the shiny features before looking at the overall functionality of what that page builder has to offer.

The best WordPress page builders will offer all the functionality you require along with any features you need. In summary, you will be looking for the following:

  • User friendly
  • Responsive, mobile-ready layouts
  • Custom prebuild templates
  • Can be integrated with your existing WordPress theme

If we follow that simple recipe, we will have ourselves the best page builder!

Best Drag and Drop Page Builders for WordPress

1. Beaver Builder



Beaver builder is a simple, user-friendly WordPress page builder that is a superb choice for beginners. It ticks all the requirements you are looking for. Fully responsive, Gutenberg-ready, and just about compatible with any WordPress theme.

You can drag and drop content modules like galleries, sliders, testimonials, counters, and much, much more. You can create a landing page within minutes, and as we have discussed, you need no prior coding skills.

Beaver builder comes with premium templates that look stunning, and most importantly are all responsive designs, ready to look great on both Desktop and Mobile.

One important key feature about Beaver Builder is the support of shortcodes, you can integrate existing WordPress plugins to streamline the development of your website.

2. Elementor



Elementor is by far one of the more popular advanced page builders on the market. With more than 2 million activate installations, it's by the far the most popular page builders available.

Elementor is quick, easy to use, and newbie-friendly. The page builder is a visual drag and drop builder, allowing you to see your changes in realtime as you make them. You can drag and drop your blocks & widgets wherever you want them.

A really neat feature about Elementor is the support of being able to undo and redo, so if you don't like something or have made a mistake, you can easily go back to the previous revision.

Elementor comes with over 100+ ready-to-use, out of the box, landing page templates that you can easily customize for your needs.

3. Visual Composer Website Builder



Visual Composer is a complete website builder for WordPress and is a great page builder for beginners & developers that are looking for an easy way to customize the entire look of their website.

Its easy-to-use friendly interface lets the designer create stunning WordPress sites very quickly and with ease.

With Visual Composer, you can add visually pleasing backgrounds such as parallax, gradient, slideshow, carousel, and video. Provides great use of the grid system by letting you create flexible rows and columns to create grid layouts. It's pretty much down to the tee in what you can do, you can even edit your logo, menus, headers, footers, etc.

Visual Composers also works with just about any other WordPress theme.

4. Divi



The Divi Builder is an extremely popular page builder plugin that similar to Elementor, allows you to preview your design in realtime whilst you build it.

Since the Divi plugin is the foundation of the WordPress theme, you get access to a bundle of premium products provided by Elegant themes. However, the Divi Builder can be used in just about any other WordPress theme.

Divi is a super powerful page builder that comes fully bundled with modules and limitless design opportunities. Just like the other builders we have discussed, it easy-to-use and has a lot of available content for different types of websites.

You can customize just about anything in the Divi Builder plugin, the colors, fonts, spacing, and custom page layouts.

5.) Themify Builder



Themify Builder is a reliable, simple, and free drag and drop page builder for WordPress that you can use to build simple pages. There is an option for additional bundles for a decent price.

The popular WordPress page builder comes with more than 60 prebuilt layouts and animation effects, as well as several ready-to-use modules that you can integrate with your pages and posts.

Themify Builder also lets you edit your pages from the backend or frontend, but, in both interfaces. You can easily move your modules around and customize them fully. The same as the visual composer website builder you can create rows and columns for custom grid layouts.


What is the Best Page Builder for WordPress?

Nearly every page builder out there comes with a drag and drop builder. What is the best page builder for WordPress?

If you're looking to create stunning looking landing pages to help with conversions, then Beaver builder is the best page builder.

That is because Beaver builder is so easy to use and the user interface is intuitive and comes with all the features that are needed to efficiently design landing pages.

For new website builds Elementor would be the best option to go with. Elementors real-time changes, easy-to-learn interface, and grid customization gives the user the ability to create beautiful looking websites quickly and more importantly, efficiently.

I hope this post and its suggestions help you pick the right page builder for your WordPress site.