March 20, 2021

What is LSCache

LiteSpeed Cache (LSCache) is a built-in, high-performance dynamic content acceleration feature of LiteSpeed's server products they have to offer.

LSCache speeds up dynamic content (Not just within PHP pages), with features very similar to those in Apache mod_cache, using efficient, customizable, native implementation within Litespeed. This significantly reduces the server load time.

Having LSCache also removes the reverse proxy layers required by add-on cache packages i.e. Varnish. This provides a much more faster and efficient way of handling static content alongside its handling of dynamic content.

Why Use a Plugin?

The LiteSpeed Cache Engine can be modified through rewrite rules in the .htaccess file of your web applications document root. So what do you gain by using an LSCache plugin?

An LSCache plugin bridges the knowledge gap with the web app, and the Cache Engine.

To put this another way: web apps have caching rules defining what content should be cached at the server and specify how long it should be cached, and finally what should trigger the cache object to become stale. LSCache plugins are a way of communicating with these web app rules and the Litespeed web server (Cache Engine). The LSCache module gives you the option to manage the cache in such a way that more objects may be stored for a longer period of time, and with unapparelled accuracy.

Available Plugins

LSCache plugins are available for popular content management systems:

No plugin support for your CMS? You can always try writing one with your own LSCache rewrite rules.

All of the Snappy host's plans come with Litespeed and the option to install LSCache to deliver the best performance for your site. Check out our cloud hosting and WordPress hosting for more information.