March 11, 2021

Why you should choose Joomla

You're on the search for a CMS (content management system) to create your website. There are so many available, and choosing one for most users isn't by any means easy. You need to know what fits your needs, what features the content management system comes with and the degree of experience required to use them, and so forth.

We will be discussing 10 reasons why you should choose Joomla, to build your new Joomla website.

How can Joomla benefit you?

This blog post is not about comparing Joomla to any other content management system i.e. WordPress vs Joomla, as there are plenty of other content management system comparisons available on the net. The problem with the comparisons is that they're mostly biased or contain generalized information that is not particularly meaningful. When we start a project, we need to set goals to accomplish and how easy it is to reach them by picking the right tools.

So, this blog post is not just about the strengths of Joomla. Joomla comes with many powerful features and benefits, but they are only useful to us if they meet our requirements set.

Let's start with the reasons why you should consider Joomla as your next project.

  • Award-winning CMS - Joomla is a free open source CMS which enables the user to build websites and powerful applications. Over the past 13 years, Joomla has racked up over 20 awards.
  • Joomla is a free and open source software - This is another reason why many businesses and web developers pick Joomla for their websites; it is free. You can download the source code. You have free reign and rights to the software itself. This allows users the fear the lock-in systems that may not work for them in the long run. It allows users to run Joomla, learn the ins and outs, modify it as they please, distribute it, and even improve it overall.
  • Joomla is multilingual out of the box - Joomla is universal! Another fantastic aspect of Joomla is its multilingual capabilities, right from the get-go with over 75 languages available. Joomla allows you to install it in any language of your choice. This is one of those " must-haves" for business teams that compose of different cultures and languages, or with remote workers/users in many different countries. In addition, the language override in Joomla is so easy, you can change the text to meet your requirements without any prior coding knowledge.
  • Joomla is a fully-fledged secure CMS - The biggest fear and most commonly asked question, is my site secure? Joomla websites come equipped with 2 excellent security measures:
    • 2 Factor Authentication (2FA): this is an inbuild Joomla security feature that squashes any attempts of a security breach using any unauthorized access or hacking into password security. Every time a login attempt is made on your Joomla website, 2FA generates a temporary code which is then sent via SMS to your phone. Only upon entering the temporary code, you can access the administrator interface of your Joomla website.  
    • B-Crypt Algorithm: This is a hashing algorithm used by Joomla to scramble all of the passwords in your database, ensuring encryption against any malicious users. 
  • SEO Friendly - Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to the process of improving the overall volume and quality of your website from organic traffic going to your site. A Joomla website that has been optimized according to the best SEO practices is said to be search engine friendly. Joomla comes with SEO settings and options which once again, makes it Search Engine friendly from the start. 
  • Ease of use - Once you experience working with the Joomla CMS you will soon become hooked and power through all you can to learn what you can do with it. Just a small understanding and you can manage your Joomla site with ease, you don't need to spend loads on developers! The possibilities are infinite, the more you learn the more you can create. 
  • Expert Tutorials - Joomla has so many online tutorials, both on the office Joomla website and other sites. Joomla tutorials are created by Joomla experts. Start with and If you need more, it's just a simple case of a google search and you will find many more tutorials. You can even take it one step further and get Joomla certified. 
  • Active community - The Joomla community/forum is an active and friendly place where you can find help and answers to your queries. It is also a great place to meet other Joomla users all over the world. It is the best place for beginners to seek help with problems that other users have come across and found a solution to. The forum post assistant also helps the user by providing more information and going through the process to explain the problems in a better format, while you access the best support all over the Joomla website. 
  • More than 7,000 extensions - Joomla has over 7,000 extensions and is supported by one of the largest global development communities. Extensions are used to extend a Joomla site's capabilities. Joomla extensions are available to meet your development needs, leaving you free to focus on designing a great website, by adding as many features when they're needed. 
  • Joomla's user interface (UI) - Joomla offers one of the largest selections of feature-rich templates available online. These world-class website template designs allow the user to change the layout of their website and integrate your brand and strategies in ways that save you and your business valuable time and money. 
  • Evolving community and platform - When you choose the Joomla Content Management System for your business website, you can be sure that your Joomla website will stand the test of time. Why? The Joomla community of users and web developers alike do not stand still and are constantly increasing. They're planning for future versions and looking at how you wish to implement your site with future technologies and developments.
  • Powerful CMS - " Powerful" is an adjective often used to describe Joomla and rightfully so. There are so many extensions and features available to turn a simple-looking website into a fully-fledged eCommerce website, portfolio, art gallery, hotel booking system, and much more. 

Final summary

I personally believe that Joomla is one of the best content management systems in the world. There are other CMS's you can work with, however, Joomla has plenty of reasons why it's one of the best options available. So if you're looking for a CMS that is feature packed, offers additional functionality, Joomla will be your go-to for your next project.